Signatures and Cases

The variations of dials, signatures, hands and cases produced by IWC are too numerous to account for here. All these pocket watch components were outsourced, and many different examples are shown in the Catalogs. Many of the styles, especially for numerals and hands, have classic names following traditional horological nomenclature.

Not all of the “International Watch Co.” signatures on dials were consistent, but many have a family resemblance:


Many IWC pocket watches have plain cases, but others embody artistry and reflect skills at goldsmithing and related jewelry crafts. Some cases are 18k gold while others are silver. and later cases occasionally were steel. The finer cases have complex engravings, embossing and etching.  A few have Tula work or Niello, which is a classic form of decoration involving a black mixture of copper, silver and lead sulfides, which are inlaid on engraved or etched metal.